Can I open the standard form bric, modify it, and save the result as a custom bric?

Hi all,
I would like to open the standard form bric in Blocs, modify it, and save the result as a custom bric that I can reuse later. Can this be done?
I can see a means of doing this by saving the bloc it is in as a custom bloc which I could reintroduce to a new project and then move the bric to where it’s needed in the DOM, but I’m guessing there may be a simpler way.
Can anyone help?
Any assistance appreciated!

You can save it as ‘ADD TO BLOC LIBRARY’ using the top of screen Menu drop down ‘BLOC’…then it will be in your BLOC library to place as normal

Hi @DanielF,
Thanks for your fast reply. I presume this saves the bloc and not just the bric, although that’s not a problem… it still provides me with a solution rather than having to recreate the amended form again. I had just thought there would be a similar option to ‘Add to bric library’ which I was somehow missing.
Very helpful all the same. Thanks.

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Yes that is basically it, but your saved bloc could be nothing more than a simple structure bloc with your modified form inside. It lets you do what you need.

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try it, it does what you want…you will have options of which classes to save when you save it as well…just check it out as a test run on a blank site…

Hi @Flashman,
Yes, this solves the problem. Thanks.

Hi @DanielF,
Perfect. Thanks for your help.

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