Can somebody clear up this for me please?

Feel kinda of stupid asking this, but here goes anyway. Is it possible to import/use another template (e.g. Eldar’s blog template) in an existing project? In a project I’m currently working on. And if so, how do you go about it? Or do you have to just link it through “navigate to url”, keeping them separate?
Thanking you.

I have never used a template but my guess is no. It’s not like a WordPress theme in that sense, which is restricted to styling. What you could do is copy/paste text and drop in images using the template, so in that sense it may not take too long.

Hi @Mitaka

Yes, it is possible to add any Page Template to any project. This is why you have a BEX files with my templates. You can install any of BEX files, and then just select the Page Template you want when you create a new page.

If you need any personal help with that, let me know


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Thank you both for clearing that up for me. I most likely take you up on that offer Eldar when I get to that point. Not quite there yet unfortunately. :sweat_smile: