Can this be done?

I am putting together a business providing drone photo and video for real estate and property mgt srv.
On one of my Blocs pages i placed an iMac device image and dropped a “message composite image” on top of so it becomes an overlay. The iMac device image works because it is in landscape mode as are most of my photos.

I was wondering if iMac, iPad and iPhone type images in landscape orientation could serve as a “holder” for a carousel that would display sample images?

The “holder” image could be a picture frame, large window anything that would be a PNG type image. The key is making a carousel operate within the confines of the display.

Thanks in advance.


You could just create a new image and composite the iMac/iPad/iPhone images with the new images directly and use the carousel as normal.

It’s going to be tricky stabilising an image over a moving background in a responsive environment.