Can use blocs app only as admin

and @Norm
new user here. Bought it yesterday, Order Number: 14513622.
Decided for blocs, because of constant updates.
But I can use Blocs only as admin, whenever trying to insert bloc as user the menu is empty. See here:

As admin they are available!
And the I had problems with menu shortcuts, see here
(there is an up arrow?, whenever I hit “V”, there is only the fail-sound playing)
Sorry, no picture, new users can only upload one!

I´m on High Sierra, on a refurbished MacBook Pro, because my old one failed, and had a lot of permission problems, after Migration-Assistant scrambled my user accounts.


Menu image:

I have only ever used Blocs with my main admin user, however it shouldn’t be a problem for a non admin user in theory. I wonder if this is particular to your migration issues. I do recall you can have problems though if a project is saved to an external drive or if the user data is on a different drive from the OS.

Thanks, read about the external hd issue already!
Another problem is: I can only load new brics as admin. And the loaded brics don’t show as a user.
I normally do all my work as user…

For everyone who is interested : I completely uninstalled Blocs (with AppCleaner), installed it as admin, installed all brics, and the copied the resulting folders as admin(Blocs + Blocs 3) from adminName/Library/Application Support to userName/Library/Application Support.
Now all is loading and and i can use Blocs as user.