Can Volt CMS do this?

I just purchased VOLT CMS and implemented it onto the following site.

I have everything working but I don’t see a way to format the posts in the way I have the previous posts.

Home Page (Screenshot)

Blog Page (Screenshot)

Is this possible? The client wants full control to be able to add future posts and images but stick with the layout I currently have.

Hi John,

It’s possible with some clever CSS I don’t have in my pocket right now.

Maybe someone from the other experts here is able to help out.



I did a horizontal layout not long ago. As this works, overlaying will work as well. Trial and error or the tourist route will get you there.

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When you say overlaying, are you referring to the text areas? I’m about a week behind trying to get this launched because they want control of the site. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Anyone here know how to achieve what I’m asking?

Your current (or target) layout contains a div with a background image, with some kind of filter for the gray overlay. In this gray overlay the header / blog title and date.

Volt CMS is (currently) delivering the image not as a background image, but inside a real image tag.
Underneath the header / blog title and date as own text elements.

You now have to either transfer the image delivered by Volt CMS into a CSS background image, which will require JavaScript skills. Or, you try to push the header / blog title and date up onto the image as overlay to get the same results.
Both requires time to develop, so you either have these skills, or find someone being able to solve this for you.

In a future version of Volt CMS, it will be simpler to archive this way of layout with standard capabilities.


I think we are all looking forward to seeing the next big update for Volt.

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Playing 1 minute with the inspector gives already some nice results:

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Ok so it won’t work for what I need it for then. I’ll see what the client says and will need to get a refund. I really thought this would work but I guess VOLT is very limited.

It is a shame if you can’t get it to work as intended.

I have used Volt a few times and love how it works - what I do now is show my client exactly what I can do by using the tools within Blocs / Volt…some want certain ways, but I always try to push what is possible as I spend days trying to do something.

Good luck on finding the answer…but I would see if someone like @PeteSharp could do what you want as a freelance job?

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@johnandrew, Volt does what it does very well indeed.
Quite honestly I wouldn’t give up on it, and maybe experiment by giving your client options it can do, rather than try and bolt something together.
Maybe you should have checked out what it can do before buying. I think it’s a bit unfair to be asking for a refund.
I’m sure you’ll make use of it on other sites. It really is a good little piece of kit.


Saying it won’t is not true, you can do what you’re asking, just it requires work. As Jannis said…



Yes I get what you are saying but I’ve spent days on this and still can’t get it to work.

We came up with a solution. The client is going to purchase Blocs and I will just send her the files and walk her through how to edit so she can finally launch. No need for VOLT now.

When you take on commercial work you want to either know you have the skills to finish the job, or be willing to invest the time at your cost to up skill, or you have budgeted in the cost of freelancing out some of the work. The tools you have are capable for this job. And I’m saying this from my own experience, I’ve learnt all 3 the hard way over the years :rofl:.

I not long ago freelanced out some code because it required something I had never done before, I estimated it would take me several days to solve/learn, or I can pay someone with the skills. Gave them good money and saved myself a ton of time, and also was able to learn from the code I paid for.

I have since used what I learned from that code in another project. Win, win.


@johnandrew how are you? I’m researching a way to include different sessions within the blog. I liked what you did on your website.

Can you tell me if the layout that is there was currently created with VOLT CMS?
I’m asking that because I saw in the footer " Powered by GoDaddy" I don’t know if it is just the Website hosting or if you did it there.

Tks in advance!