Cannot open file on 2nd computer

i created a simple website on my computer and everything is fine. i installed blocs on my wife’s computer, activated the license and copied over the file. when i try to open it on her computer i simply get a spinning rainbow and blocs freezes without opening the file.

I uninstalled blocs, deleted pref files, the reinstalled and activated blocs. Copied the file over again. Same thing.

Why can’t i open the file on the other computer? thoughts?

It maybe that they’re not in the exact location from the source.

you mean an image? i used one image, which is on my computer. is there an easy way to incorporate the images into he blocs file? or just move both in the same directory?


(i’m new to blocs)

If you have not yet watch these free tutorials, I suggest you watch them.
Getting Started with Blocs 3

thanks. i’ll check them out. i’ve done other more complex things, but haven’t used blocs. i just wanted to do a site for my wife w/o much hassle. it’s worked well so far, but i’m sure the videos will help.