Canonical Issue with one-pager site?

I built a website basically as an one-pager. meaning there is only the index.html and no other php or html file. Now google says there are canonical issues and i have no idea why and how to solve it. Because as said there are no other pages. Please, can anyone help? Can provide a screenshot by google console when needed.

Thank you

A link to the website would also help.

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Oh, yes. Here we go:

It’s likely to do with the URL you have in the project settings. Remove the /index.html at the end.


Okay, thank you. Appreciate it. I changed it and look forward, what google console consider about it.

Thanks again.

I’ve had canonical issues lately with Google as well, though only on a few mini sites. I didn’t include the index.html in the page settings and I’ve gone through it all, however I’m struggling to find anything wrong. I also use htaccess, so it drives everything to the same https:// pages as used in the site settings.

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Has to be all there improvements by adding AI to everything. Another half baked “feature”.

Like I mentioned to you the other day, I was trying to setup a Google Business profile for a client and it kept rejecting every image I uploaded. 2 days later is just worked :man_shrugging:

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In my case it said the canonical was pointing to an entirely different website.

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So, here we go again. Got still the problems with google console. It’s all the same as before. Ok, good. Now i removed the ‘canonical tag’ completely from the code. I’m excited to see what happens now. Good morning everyone.

Try that and please let us know. It would also be curious if this still happens if you were to do it manually, adding the data to the page header. There is a Google breakdown here and I’ve seen that Google is formatting this slightly differently to Blocs.

You can also run checks through various sites if you Google canonical checker. It’s quite possible Google search console is just broken on this point and it wouldn’t be the first occasion I’ve lost a lot of time on incorrectly flagged issues.

I checked your site just now using an app called Scrutiny and it showed three pages with no errors.

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Well, thanks for reply and checking my site. Really appreciate it. Yes, i’ll let you guys know how it went. Thanks again.

So, new things going on here. Google console now says: (works fine)
sameadress/index.html (Duplicate – not set as canonical by the user)

This could be the reason for the whole mess. Ok, i got it. So what do i need to do now? Looks like the process by google is still working so it says “validation started”.

Thank you

It’s wait and see time. One thing you should do though is to set up a 301 redirect that sends everything to https://. For example, if I simply type in I get an error message in the browser saying the page is not secure and it refuses to load. All of that should be automatically going to your preferred canonical url.

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There’s an excellent book available for that from @brechtryckaert, and it’s also available in German. :de:

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Ok. I just found the “301 redirection thing” in the customer control panel and changed it.

Now, http:// and www. will be redirected to the correct domain.

Need a coffee now and will wait a few days and see. Thanks for your help. Appreciated. It’s obvious not a blocs issue. I’m just less experienced in those hosting topics. Thanks again.