Canonical Tags For Seo

Could any webmaster shed a light on canonical tags for webpages. Google is suggesting that i should add some. Do you add them just like you would a robots noindex. And what should you use where.

This might help you…

How do I apply a canonical tag?

On the pages that you want Google to recognize as canonical, add a link tag to the head of the HTML code. For example, to designate with the canonical tag, the code would look like:

Repeat for every page you want to make canonical.

What pages should I put the canonical tag on you ask?

As many as appropriate. Visits from social media, internal site search, referral links, and other inbound references all have the potential to generate a unique URL that could have a negative impact on your website’s rankings. Many content management systems allow for multiple URL paths to access the same content. All of these paths can be crawled, and Google potentially could identify them as separate pages of duplicate content.

you are missing the html code. this type of editor has his own problem to display code inside :smiley:
Can you just repeat that part after like this:

And put it in brackets

update: found
<link rel="canonical" href="http://domain name or link path/">