Can't change the hover colour in navbar-nav-li-a

I cannot for the life of me change the hover colour in the navbar-nav-li-a class. It looks correct in the class editor (white text, blue hover) but does not change – the text is black with a grey hover. My navbar is not global, I used the hero block with sticky navigation. I can do this everywhere else but not the navbar, driving me crazy. Please help!

Hi @simplyolivia

The Class you should be editing in the Class manager is called

navbar-nav li a

Note the spaces, that is very important.

If you do not have this class in the manager, create it, but make sure you click “No, leave spaces intact” when Blocs asks.

Thanks for getting back. I’ve done this. It doesn’t work. I can change other elements (size) but not colour or hover. I’ve tried changing the primary menu to none, and assigning each menu a class – also fail. I’m able to change the hover colour on other elements (ie buttons, footer menu) but not the navbar. It’s like…stuck. It’s driving me mental and I’ve wasted so so so much time. Pleeeease help!

Can you send the project file, as it should be working. Unless something is over-ridding the class.

What about adding the Active Class option in settings?

THANK YOU! How do I do that? It seems many settings in the navbar are buggy…I think indeed something is overriding. Can you tell me exactly what to send you, please?

I have sent you a PM.