Can't Choose Fonts anymore

Hi, I didn’t use blocs for quiet a while and just recently wanted to edit a webpage. Now a strange bug occurred that wasn’t there before: I just can’t click on the different font types. Can’t chose them. I’m stuck with the regular font and cannot chose any other.

Does someone know a solution to this?


Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-01 um 16.23.26

also when you open a new project ?

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yes, also :confused:


this is a picture by @Flashman in another post. Are the fonts still in this folder ?

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just checked, they’re all there!

They’re also displayed as shown above, and there are also Working in existing projects. Ijust can’t’t change any, because it won’t let me click on the selection shown in my picture.

Did you recently install any new fonts?

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Yes I did.

That’s the issue. Google fonts changed a few things that breaks font installs. It’s fixed up in Blocs 4.4.

Remove the new fonts and fonts will work again.


Ok I would need a little help here. Do I have to remove the fonts from the font library of my Mac or from Blocs?

And can I install the fonts again afterwards?

Thx so far!

EDIT: I see I’m only on Blocs 4.3 I wanted to start a hew Homepage for which I need new fonts, so when will 4.4 arrive? :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: I removed the font within the Blocs Font manager and in its font library folder. Unfortunately it didn’t change things. I still can’t chose any fonts. Also I can’t chose any Google fonts I installed prior but only local fonts.

So I waited patiently for Blocs 4.2.2 but it hasn’t fixed the problem. I still can’t chose fonts. Blocks is unusable for me at this point :confused:

Ignore the fonts in your user font library folder. You should not be using those. Instead you should be using web formatted fonts stored on your computer. These should be Woff, Woff2 and TTF.

If you are having problems with Google fonts I know they changed the link a while back and that caused some issues.

If this doesn’t work I would suggest filing a bug report.

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Something else I have noticed is that Blocs users sometimes try to add individual fonts rather than the folder containing web fonts.

Perhaps this requires some clarification in the help documents, along with a note about not trying to use fonts from the user library.

Adding fonts is just about the easiest thing we can do in Blocs and very reliable. It seems like some minor misunderstandings are causing most of the issues.

First of all, thank you!

Im only using web formatted fonts as you can see on the picture.I just can’t chose them anymore within blocs, even though they’re displayed. Google fonts on the other hand aren’t even displayed anymore. What could I do about the google fonts link situation?

To start with I would make sure you also include Woff2 and TTF for better browser compatibility and make sure you choose the font folder e.g Bugler-Bold. Make sure you choose this font folder from somewhere like your desktop and not the application support folder.

I never use Google fonts so I am not sure about the situation with that but it should all be working. This seems to be fine for almost everybody or there would be a lot more for threads, so either you are doing something wrong or perhaps you have some kind of problem with your specific setup.

Well thanks… I had the fonts installed properly, they always worked. I have made homepages with those fonts

It just occurred that I couldn’t chose the fonts anymore. I can’t remember if it was after an update or not, but I’d didn’t change any settings it just stopped working.

And it sucks big time since I need to make changes to my homepages but just can’t use blocs anymore.
Im getting a new Mac soon, guess I gotta hope that solves the problem…

What OS version are you using? Mojave to Big Sur should be OK. High Sierra is not really supported.

Im on Catalina

That should be fine. I would suggest creating a bug report. Send in the project file with the fonts and mention this thread. This isn’t a widespread problem though and seems to be limited to your setup at the moment.

You could always try reinstalling Blocs as well to see if that solves it or perhaps try logging in as another user. One of the reasons I always like to have two computers is because sometimes strange things like this happen and it’s good to have another option.

Remove the Google fonts you recently installed.