Can't Create a Brick

I wanna create a custom brick which will show/hide a container with content when I click on another block.
The problem is that I wanna have an ability to put different content (images, text etc.) in the first container with standard Blocs interface (I mean with Drop Mode; it seems in my head like a standard DIV brick where you can choose a type of content inside it by clicking “lego-like” button on it, or with drag and drop). But now I only can choose a content in this container with HTML code in the Brick Builder, and it’s not customizable.

Can I make it in theory, or it’s just my wet dreams?)
Link to a brick:

Hello @sergeymayner, with the actual API this is not possible until now. You could use the div bric and then add additional attributes to it. your bric then can interact with the standard div bric.

I am not sure I understand your question.

If I am understanding correctly you want 2 brics that interact with each another. click one bric and the other bric does something… change content, or styles etc.

You can do that now with javascript,. As the API matures there will be some things like (brics within other brics), but you’ll still need to write the .js to make things interact.

Here’s what I want

Check out the visibility interaction:

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