Cant get Google to Index site (ReDirect Error)

Hi all, please could anyone help me, as I’m pulling my hair out on this one! I have created a website using Blocs, and uploaded to the host etc. My site is
I have requested Google Index the site, but whatever I do (even if i just upload a blank page), it comes back with a ‘Redirect Error’. I contacted my website hosts, and they have no idea either?
I even uploaded a single page website using an old software program (Seriffwebplus), which i used years ago to build sites, and never had a problem, however, the same ‘Redirect Error’ occurs.
Has anyone else come across this problem, or could offer any potential solution please.
By the way, i have Google Analytics running on it, and that works?
Any ideas are most welcome! Thank you.

Hello @Rourke5, yes you have a redirect in your domain:

Fix that and you will fixed the issue.

Then you have issues in your HTTPS:

Try to fix all this…

Hi Pealco,
where can you get those reports? I would like to see more information sometimes too. (Mostly to learn how things work)

Hi there Pealco, thanks for your help.
I can resolve the https issue buy purchasing an SSL Certificate presumably, however, i have no idea what the 301 error is, or how to resolve this?
Can you possibly help please?
Is it something wrong with the site i have built, or is it to do with the domain/host’s server.
I have absolutely no idea. Any help is very much appreciated.
Thanks again

Thats a status code, 301 means “Moved Permanently”, generally it’s not a bad thing, its an important part of SEO, if you need it.

Your site map seems to be working

Hi there, would this be something the web host has done (moved the site), or is it something i have done incorrectly, when i built the site on Blocs?
How can i sort this, so Google actually finds the site please?
Thanks in advance

So you have this domain redirecting to

Give a a path. check if you have the site there and then delete the redirect.

If you have a CPANEL hosting, just open the redirect folder and delete that redirect. then give a path for the domain.

If you need in the SSL then you can tell in CPANEL your website redirects to HTTPS.

Then you will not see any redirect.

Thanks for the reply Pealco, im trying to sort thei issue out,and raised it with the webhosts, as i cannot see any options in the Cpanel to alter the redirect etc, thanks for your help, i may come back to you yet. Cheers

I can see your site now @Rourke5. It still seems to be redirecting but not coming up with an error.

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I think you sort it… it’s fixed now…

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Thanks to everybody for their help. Eventually i have the site fixed. The Redirect was done by the Webhost, and I had to ask them to remove it, as the site was redirecting to
In addition the lack of an SSL wasnt helping, but thanks to everyone who assisted, what a great forum to be part of, cheers :slight_smile: