Can't get my iframe to work

I want to put a certain page in an iframe on a website. I found that I had to use the HTML bric and use < iframe> < /iframe> to make this work. (spaces added to make this visual)
But somehow I can’t get this to work: it about this page:

Thanks in advance

beware some sites can prevent them being embedded in iframes.

I have had this same page embedded in an iframe on the old website (made in Freeway) so I hoped it would work in Blocs too…

Still struggling with this. I found a shorter link to the page:
Still no luck…

I found it and in case someone stumbles upon the same problem; here’s the solution that I used:
Indeed the page needs to be in an iframe: < iframe> page < /iframe> (spaces added to make this visual). But it also needs a source: src=“” and finally it needs a width so it can be responsive: width=“100%”, height can be used as needed.
Makes a total of the following code: < iframe width=“100%” height=“1000” src=“”>< /iframe>
As simple as that…

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