Canvas size?

There is a video

and at 2:49 he opens a window where you can see canvas size to edit. BUT how to
access it?

The window that he opens (by the way his name is Eldar Gezalov) is not in Blocs! He uses an external special image editing software on his computer to re-size and position (cropping) the image for each and every breakpoint. So to speak he prepares for each breakpoint in Blocs a separate image. After that is done, Eldar brings the image needed for the specific breakpoint into Blocs 3, respectively into the Asset Manager of Blocs 3.


But this is for the background… and if you have a HTML Widget?

I don’t know what you want to achieve with an html widget.

But there is an extensive online manual for Blocs at the Blocs website and there are also the video tutorials from Eldar Gezalov ( that are a tremendous help.

Imagine you have a HTML Widget with a 3d webgl element. So for the LG and MD size its ok but not for the SM and XS. So how to achieve that?

This is beyond my knowledge (maybe with a class?). Anyone else?

Hello @yellow about the software that @Eldar is using is Pixelmator

About your canvas problem with webgl check this page.

Hope it helps you…

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