Captions, bullets and arrows in carousel

I like to create a plain carousel with no bullets, arrows or captions.
Is there a way to do this?

to hide the bullets just do this:
open your page settings from the page you have the carousel
click add code
put this in

.carousel-indicators{visibility: hidden;}

Blocs is soooooo nice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sandy you’re right about blocs.
But the code didn’t work.
I changed it to"<style".carousel-indicators{visibility: hidden;}"</style" and its perfect.
What about the caption and arrows?

Thanks a lot

you must put it in < style> < /style> because its css :slight_smile:

< style>.carousel-indicators{visibility: hidden;}< /style>

you were faster :slight_smile:

:smiley: and if you dont want the arrows lef and right:
< style>.carousel-control{visibility: hidden;}< /style>

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Perfect. Just great.
Thanks Sandy.

Sweet, thanks Sandy. When I copied and pasted the code it added a space so once I figured that out it work like a charm.

Very Nice

Via Blocs CSS Class Manager:

1.) Add 3 Classes:

.right.carousel-control, .left.carousel-control
.carousel-indicators li

2.) * Use @ Warning: “No, leave spaces intact” when adding

3.) Set “Display” to “None” for each of those 3 classes

I know I am late to the party, I made that earlier, then got busy with other things and never posted it.

Hope it helps your or others efforts.



Thanks Bloc_User.
Good to know that there are more ways than one to achieve this.

Thanks, as a side note to this method. You do not have to apply these classes to the carousel on the page. You just have to create these classes and make sure you choose none on each class.

I tried applying the classes to the carousel on the page first. Took me a minute to figure out I didn’t need to do this.

Another great way to customize the slide show.


Bloc_User, Thanks! That’s a very clear way of explaining. And it works perfect!

thank you…this works

this version does not work though, I went to the page settings, add code, copied and pasted but did not work.

What do you want you do?
what blocs version you are running

I was testing out your solution to hiding the bullets, arrows and captions.
Did what you mentioned and it did not work.
Using 2.6.5

Ok, well my solution is old and depreciated , after a few updates of Blocs, Norm added the possibility to change bullet, arrows and captions in the class manager,

so the sollution NOW for blocs is like @Blocs_User explaind

yeah…i tried that and it worked.
Wanted to see if yours would work too, it seemed much simple.
Thanks anyways!

Does: .right.carousel-control, .left.carousel-control not work anymore in Blocs 3? And, would be nice if you could put them on or off with a check box. Just like the Indicators check box.

Hmmm… Used the Class Manager and that did the trick.

1 - Opened the Class Manager
2 - Clicked on the + symbol
3 - Clicked on Subclass Lib
4 - Scrolled down to the carousel classes
5 - Clicked the ones I needed en set "Display’ to ‘None’.

Good luck,