Capture Screen Color

What App do you use to select a color anywhere on screen and keep those value to paste the info?

I just use the one built into MacOS usually.

Digital Colour Meter

I use ColorSlurp (from the App Store).

ColorSlurp, Paletter from the App Store and in google chrome I use an extension called ColorPick Eyedropper (

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I just dowloaded the free version of Paletter (never heard of it before). It’s very useful.

check Drop

So it looks like you can use the eye dropper built into the Blocs color swatch manager to capture any color onscreen, FYI. It will then show you the Hex code as well. (I’m in Blocs 4 - no idea if this function is new, as I am new to Blocs). Hope this is helpful.

I do like ‎Pikka - Color Picker on the Mac App Store very much