Card Designer 1.4.7 update

Card Designer 1.4.7 is available for download.

  • fixes issue with .js file attachments
  • fixes issue with custom fonts not loading
  • other minor improvements

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Problems solved! Awesome and thanks @Whittfield for the hard work!


@Whittfield Is this likely to cause any problems with existing sites that were built using earlier versions of Card Designer?

Not in most cases, I think in some projects it just makes sense to refresh. But for the most part, interacting with an existing card should make it correct itself (for lack of better words).

I’ve tried this, and so far what I’ve noticed is that I get a missing attachment pop-up, but all I needed to do was re-sync it and it works fine. And when I saved the project and re-open it, it worked as expected. Previously the missing attachment would persist, but with this update, I’m not seeing this behavior anymore.


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I’ve just tried on one and it’s animating in edit view, but two of the three are not animating in preview.

Try grabbing each one and dragging them just a little. Sounds odd but it resets the css and js without hitting “reset” so it keeps the settings

Tried that but no luck. Updating brics seems to be problematic on a regular basis and I don’t mean just yours. It seems to be a general problem that needs some attention. I am guessing this is related to the API.

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api updates that would help in this regard are…

  1. Attached files aren’t removed when you delete all instances of that bric. There’s css/js still on the page that must be deleted manually by the user.

  2. Updating of the HTML as part of the bric update process. currently if anything new html is added to the bric it doesn’t get updated. you have to re-drop the bric.

  3. Host .zip files instead of .bex files to facilitate in-app updates (being worked on)


Thanks for the update!!

@Whittfield Thanks for the update.
There is still a conflict with Swiper Bric @Lucas

This is how Swiper appears with card bric. The arrow indicators do not display and there is no fade/slide effect. The image appears darker.

I have been in touch with the developer of Swiper and let him know what he needs to do for compatibility. CD is compatible with Swiper but Swiper needs to name space his code so that it plays nice with others using the library.

Hi guys,

yep this is a known compatibility issue that I’ll try to address and let you know asap.