Card Designer and Bootstrap 5

So far the only thing I’m noticing about Bootstrap 5 and Card Designer is the Bootstrap default link underlines.

A bit more testing and a small fix for that and we should be good for take off.


Hi all,

Just sent a direct message to @Whittfield , but just posting on here to see if anyone had the same issue I am getting, and if there is a work around?

I have found an issue with Card Designer in most up to date version of Blocs and tried in the beta and still the same and this is using hovercard and the button opening a Modal.

Card designer
Meet Card Designer

When i open the modal this all works fine and then I close the modal and the card designer image does not close down fully and the image jumps up.

Using Bootstrap 4 still on this bric still.

@Norm, do i need to run this in bootstrap 5 do you know for this to work fully?

Edit, just tried Card Designer and Modal does not work at all with it - but this is set for the Bootstrap 5 update shortly.

I tried a few fresh projects to test and same on all of them.

Thanks all.

HI @AdieJAM,

Bootstrap 5 is not fully supported yet stick with BS4.

I recommend maybe not using the hover and modal together in this case, It’s quite possible that it’s not really compatible because I’m not using javascript to handle any hover features. Therefore I don’t have a way to “reset” Card Designer.

I’m pretty good at determining the cause, but it’s going to be nearly impossible to predict this behavior in all browsers, which is where I think the issue stems from.

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Hi @Whittfield

Thanks for getting back to me.

What I’ll do is use something else for now - I’m actually using the latest Blocs but BS4 - not ventured into BS5 yet.

Should this still be an issue with BS4 with blocs? Guess the change overs we are seeing to make way for BS5.

Can’t wait till it’s sorted as love using it and clients love it too.

I don’t think it’s something that’s fixable. this is not a use case I’ve ever really seen outside of Card Designer. We have probably found a use case that just doesn’t play nice together, that happens sometimes.

BS5 support is coming though, I haven’t completed testing all the features yet, but so far it’s very small modifications.


Thanks @Whittfield - ill look at using somebtiwng else fast for the projects I have.

So am i right in saying if its something that is not fixable, then this element will not feature in the BS5 support? - there are other options in Card designer I can use, just not that one. As far as I can see, the hover cards with Modal are the issue, other use is fine.