Card designer update

Hey there,

I got an issue with Card designer support. I really hope that somebody could help me. L bought the plugin and received an update email. By the way to get the upgrade you’re invited to log on the website and it’s simply impossible. I’ve tried a cup of times and always got the same issue. The support doesn’t answer. Just amazing.

Any idea or contact ? Kindly yours

To get the update I think you need to login at the billing company store where it was purchased and from memory I think there was a direct link in the newsletter advising of the update. If you go to the store page there seems to be a login at the top right hand corner.

The developer @Whittfield is regularly on the forums supporting users.

Thanks for the advice but the website doesn’t work. I can’t create my account to log in and download the update.

Gumroad is a pretty populate site. I just did a test sign up, and its working here.

Maybe you can be a little more specific than just saying it doesn’t work. Do you get an error message?

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Hi @Pikous,

If you already have an account and didn’t realize or remember that, you can simply reset your password. It’ll send an email to the address you signed up with.

If you’ve never logged in, you will create a new account and use the same email that the purchase was made with. the system will add your purchase automatically and you can download updates etc.

Also follow me on there for email notice when updates happen.

I can’t create an account. The website refuses the operation

Sorry but i simply did the operation with my email and the purchase doesn’t appear in my account even if i have an invoice

Please send me the email addressed you used to make your purchase via direct message here on the forum.

I would like the update too but the link on their website to make an account does not work.

I did it. If needed i can send my invoice too

sorry I didn’t see your message. I had a couple days off dropping my son of college. I’ve replied to your DM