Card for Blocs 3 now available


Hi folks,

I’m releasing the new version of Cards today, that’s a version compatible with Blocs 3. This version was tested and working great in Blocs 3.0.7, I’ll paste the little test video here.

Important: this version will not open sliders made with older versions of Cards.

Quick buy:

General observations coming from an outsider

Its great to see this!


:smiley: oooooooooooohhhh…nice


Error in the buy button…


@norm thanks! Good to see this one working so nice in Blocs 3 :grinning:
@Pealco product is active just now, please try again :wink:


Is there a way to upgrade from the previous version?


Sure you may re-download and install the new version. To retrieve your order, update or simply get a summary of all your orders:

You will need the email address used to place the order and the invoice number.


Fantastic. Saw it, fell in love and bought it!!


Great news Lucas. I’ve been waiting for the update for a week or so on a new project :slight_smile:


I have a Rapidweaver stack that does something similar, but seems terribly limited on mobile with no animation. This one appears to do a better job.


This a lovely feature, many thanks @Lucas. Im not sure if this is possible but was wondering if i had a card which displays 2 images as normal, would it be achievable that if I clicked the ‘button’ could I achieve a toggle visibility for a bloc underneath for a more detailed look at the image/project.

Again this is an amazing feature you have kindly created.

Many thanks


Thanks for the kind words @stokerjohn

Toggle is not possible, but we can use the buttons to scroll on the same page, example if you enter #Projects on the button when clicked the page will scroll to that ID. And so on, other Slide’s button may be linked to other ID…just an idea :grinning:


Many thanks @Lucas, will explore



I’ve just purchased this and trying it on the first page with a single slide. In the part where it allows you to add a caption, does that mean alt text? I am not seeing a text caption on the previewed page near the image.

Is there any reason why it cannot be used more than once on a page? I tried adding it twice but the image and text areas are blank. Only the background colour appears.


Caption is used for the lightbox: click on an image and the caption is at the bottom.
Card can be used once on a page, usually at the top as a banner.


This seems to be producing a very strange effect when clicking on an image. I have just one slide.

The main reason I wanted to add the card bric twice, was to improve page loading speed on mobile by adding smaller images. I was trying to use visibility.


I’ve discovered the cause of that problem. It won’t work with remote hosted images for some reason.