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This is a serious topic, why we need Alt Tags for images, my self have about 60 images which i can’t adress with an Alt Tag, This is a really down size for the Bloc´s App. Image search is one of the most frequent where visitors find a product and then visit the shop so they can buy, otherwise it is pointless to use Carousel.


Ok I’ll look into this. I don’t think the alt tag is used for SEO, it’s just a text backup if images don’t load.

Its very useful and important, I have really good result for describe the image with the right words, like <Bloc’s App Non coding app easy to use with Bootstrap made in the UK> try to set those words of an image on your blocs homepage. And then it is crawled you will se the result, very effective. People are clicking and buying with there eyes.

The Alt-Tag is for Blind people, or people who has reduced sight, and they have an special software plug-in for there browsers, so the browser is reading up the alt tag for the image like, She was walking in the garden and she found an <image.jpg> Alt-Tag= a big green apple, and you know the rest.

I have one more wish, when I do the SEO in the Page Settings, I have to resize the window all the time, or going back and fourth with the Arrow key to get the text where I want it.
I would like to have an square with a cross, so I can freeze the window size.

I have done some suggestions in Affinity Photo, so you know what i talking about.


Actually image alt tags are very important for SEO - even though search engines are getting better at image recognition, they still rely on the image title and alt tag to know exactly what the image is for indexing purposes.

There is a ton of documentation on this around the web, and how important it is for SEO:

Image search is one of the most important SEO elements, and the ability to modify the alt tags is crucial to good search results.


I’ve also wondered why we couldn’t add this with carousel images and it was flagged a while back when I ran some SEO check. The best I’ve been able to do so far is name the files appropriately, but alt tags are clearly important.

As weird as it sounds, I was once harangued on the Freeway forums for not including alt tags with images, because it is a legal requirement apparently, under some disability law.

To take this a step forward I would like to see the sitemap include images and PDF files etc. That helps with SEO.

EDIT: Another vote for a larger text window when editing the SEO description. I’d like the ability to drag the corner down for resizing, so the text isn’t cropped at the default width.



@Flashman @Norm

I totally agree Flashman.

I would also like to have a tiny pop-up window instead of resizing Blocs window, it takes only time to do, You don´t get any workflow with that. Every time you click in the alt-tag textbox the Pop-Up window shall open, and then you write your Alt-Tag, Simple an efficient.

posting an Mock-Up image

Cheers Lads


Wow, how ignorant of me. I actually didn’t even think of that! Such a solid point, thanks for pointing that out!

I’ll get that alt input field bumped up my list, I’ll also take a look at a sheet re-sizer.


Didn’t know that, thanks for letting me know! I always thought of it as a fallback.

@Paug @Raimo @Flashman Carousel alt field is integrated and will be included in the next beta build for Blocs 2.5.0 (hopefully available tomorrow).



You are a great guy…

Rapid developing…
don’t forget… that the Alt-Tag shall be for all the images, that means, a new img.jpg
a new alt tag, img2.jpg Alt-tag2… and so on

I will post you some more interesting features for you later…
But it will be over the mail…

Thank You… Sleep tight… or God morning


Yes each slide has an alt value.

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I’m wondering if alt tags would register if the page was spoken by Safari or other browsers. I’ll have to give that a try.


Hi Norm,
Could you tell me how to add text in the alt tags in the BC carousel?

Just select the carousel in Blocs 2.5 and input the text in the carousel slides alt input field located in the sidebar.

Hi Norm,

Thank you for your very prompt response. I apologise for my ignorance, but where do I find the Bloc2.5, What is it?

Blocs 2.5 is the latest stable version of Blocs. What version of Blocs do you have installed? If it’s version 2 or later it should offer the opportunity to upgrade automatically.

Hi Flashman, thank you for your message. In between I found out how to include the alt text. It’s very easy as the alt tag is already there. You just need to go to the module layout and place the relevant liquid tag in the alt tag. That’s all.