Carousel - bug with content inside

Hi all,
i’d like put testimonials into carousel slides:

  • Photo
  • Text
  • Author name

Simple? YES! But imposible… :dizzy_face: That i’m doing wrong?

Bug list:

  • then i’m already put some text inside content box, i can’t put an image or icons. Only if image or icons first.
  • number of slides on panel settings are twice then image inside. I mean then i make 3 slides, there are 6 slides in list and i can’t delete it
  • can’t change image or icons inside content box


I am not sure about your main issues, but deleting a slide is simply a matter of clicking the cross when a single slide is selected

I tried - don’t work.
When I try to select an “extra” slide, the selection is reset and one of the “real” slides is again selected.
In fact, there are no slides in HTML code.

I’m more concerned about the problem with the picture. This became a real problem ((

Looks like the problem is caused by the fact you have an image within an image. The current carousel will work fine if you add extra text into the content area but if you insert an image it gets messed up.

I’m working on improving this for 2.4.2 beta build 2.

Great!!! Will wait, thank you! :slight_smile:

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