Carousel darken texture

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is it possible to add texture layer (e.g. Darken) to Carousel image?


Hi, still no idea how to add darken layer to the carousel image?

It’s not possible in the current release. You would need to use an image editing app to do it to the actual image file.

Not sure if this would fit what you need, but I added a filter on the image to lower the brightness.

Right click, Page Settings, add Code:
Add this in the Head Code:


.image-darken {

Then click on the carousel you want to darken, and type in image-darken in the Classes area and press enter.

I tried this but I cannot load page in preview, just white screen appears. Your idea sounds interesting though.

I don’t think it will work in the Blocs preview, only when previewing in the actual browser. I am using it on a carousel that has some filter controls on it. I could see if I could do a sample project for it.

Try this sample project and see if it works for you

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Well, is there any way to avoid darken layer on indicators and text in carousel?

Try this and let me know if it works:

image-darken > item > img {

No effect at all, original photo with no layer.

oh sorry, I see what I did wrong, I was using the wrong selector, trying this:

.image-darken img {

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Definitely in love :ok_hand:

Can I use this method for custom darkening of any image on my site? I’m trying to use this on other windows just on background image - Inserted style parameters on page setting, applied image-darken class but it has no effect…

I would make a new class for other images since this one requires a img under the image-darken one.
So you could just do:

.darkenMe {

then apply the darkenMe class to the image should work.

Thanks, but same problem as previous, it also make darker text - any way to avoid that? :see_no_evil:

Oh, you are trying to use it on the Page Background?

Block background, just like that:

I don’t think it would be very easy to do how its set up, I would just apply a blur to the actual image using Photoshop or something for that. Otherwise you could probably have to create a container div and place content on that. Ill look into it a bit more and if I do find a better way Ill let you know.

Yea, I’ve already tried Photoshop, but it’s not a “cool” way :sunglasses:
Thanks that you’re still trying

I still couldn’t find out another way than darken images in photoshop… What exactly do you mean with that container div?