Carousel for testimonials

Does anyone know how to create a carousel for testimonials like the one below?

The easiest way in Blocs would be to create the one image with the gray background and add the small circle images and text below. Once you have one done just add different images and text and add a second slide. Would work well for desktop and tablet but it would be small on phone size. You would have to use other images for phone.


Ok, so maybe I missed something, so please help me…but by the time, I’d like to do a simple carousel with testimonials, I mean many ones, not a single one…how can I do this with Blocs please, like the one I could do in an other software.
I’d like to mention one important thing, I don’t want to do it with image, with text like in the following screen capture below. (white background)

UPDATE : even the second capture (made under Blocs) it would be better because of nice the photo frame…but I can’t had a second testimonial.

Thank you very much for your help.

Hey @drumster81 did you find a solution this? Testimonial carousels are such a standard feature of websites, these days that I think it must be super-easy to build one in Blocs, but how? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Anyone created one and got advice to share with us? Or perhaps there is a cool Blocs developer out there that can create one for us… :wink:


Take a look at this website I have built. If this is something you want, you can create that by adding a transparent png files as slides and just type text over it.


Thanks @Eldar for your reply. That’s a neat solution. And I guess you can add CMS to that too. I’m going to try it out and see!

@Eldar, your slider looks great! I just tried to build that and for some odd reason, I can’t add/edit any text on the slides. I’ve placed a 600px x 400px transparent image on the slide and am trying to add text with no success. I must be missing something terribly obvious… sigh…

I am away from my computer at the moment, but I think you just need to click on the blue square with name of the bric you have placed in Drop mode (located at the top left corner of the bric). Then you could easily edit the text.

That did it! Dang… I’ve always been able to double-click to highlight the text… (or at least I thought I was able to do it that way??) Weird… Thanks Eldar!

Hi guys,

Sorry to dig up an old post !

I have followed what @Eldar has mentioned above to create my testimonials on a carousel, the only thing I am struggling with is how to add an icon onto this? I can’t seem to edit any icons I add. Normally I add an icon and change it (font awesome) this way I cant seem to do anything.

I have just tried adding an image too, and cant seem to add an image either.

So i am guessing in carousel you can only add text in the middle of it, and nothing else?

Thanks all.