Carousel Hero Component Needed

I am after some links to commercial or freeware Brics. I need a carousel hero component (with navigation and text boxes) and have not been successful so far. Alternatively does anyone build custom Brics?

Hi @mbacon, right now the only commercially available sliders that I’m aware of are from Weaver’s Kingdom.

Weavers Kingdom

I’ve been reluctant to release a commercial product yet, opting to wait until the API reaches at least Beta, and one bug in particular is squashed. The beta release is scheduled for end of March.

Meantime, I’m releasing free custom brics and testing the API in an effort to help the community and be able to provide feedback about bugs, improvement ideas etc.

As for custom Bric development for hire, direct message me here in forum to discuss.



Thanks. Will be in touch. I’ve already purchased the one from Weaver’s Kingdom. Well coded but too limited in features for my use.