Carousel image size help


What should the size of the carousel images be? I tried adding 1000x667 and Blocs resizes the image making it much larger, making the images all blurry, and this also increases the size of the row dramatically, which is not good. How do I add images without all this resizing?


Try using images with a width of 1200. If you have the Bloc set to edge to edge then you will need even bigger.

An alternative solution is to give your carousel images a max width via a custom class.

1600 worked for me I’m glad to say

Hi Norm,

can’t we just resize the bloc carousel or brics carousel? I had the same issue and resized my images but I would rather resize the carousel.


I think you can.
Apply a class to the carousel or the row where it sits in and resize.

Like this. Apply it to the carousel as a custom class. Type in auto for the margin and then set your own maximum width. It will automatically scale down for smaller devices.

Tried that didn’t exactly work out the way I imagined, I’ll try again perhaps I made a mistake.

Have a look at Flashman’s post.
That’s the way to do it.