Carousel malfunction?

If you register an image in the carousel, it will be enlarged to about 108% without permission and the image will be blurred. Is there any measure to make it 100%?

This isn’t usually a malfunction - its more likely to be a sizing issue based on the width of the column containing the carousel. For example, if a standard carousel is placed in a full width column, the standard placeholder image size will be 1200 x 500. but the space occupied on screen will be 1140 px wide. So, if the image you place into the carousel is 1200 x 500 it will display just fine because it is larger than the display width of the carousel. However, if you place an image that is only 640 px wide, the image will be enlarged to fit the full width of 1140 px. This will often make the image look fuzzy. The height of the image will be proportionate to the original image size.

The best thing to do is to place your carousel at the width you want it to appear on your page, then take a note of the width of the column it is placed in (the easiest way to do that is to first place an image bric in the column. The width will then be displayed under the image bric.). Create your carousel images to be LARGER than the width of the column (I usually go for about 2 or 3 times the displayed width) this will ensure that your image fits within the carousel without upsizing. Once your carousel is placed, you can delete the image bric.

Since it is Google Translate, there are some things I do not understand, but I will try it, thank you for your polite comment.

I tried it, but I can only say that this app is unsuccessful, I have never encountered such a paid app, common sense should be 1000px if the user places 1000px images, 1000px Is a real numerical value, not a relative value, I felt it was bad if this wasn’t a bug.

I’m not sure you can blame the app when it is working correctly for web development. You are not creating documents for print. Modern websites are responsive not pixel perfect.

I’m sorry, the translation didn’t make sense for your comment.