Carousel need more features

To be honest I am really happy that I switched from Joomla to Blocs, but since the carousel is the main eye catcher on my site it needs more features. I am adding, deleting slides on a regular basis and this is so much easier in Joomla than in Blocs. I would like to see just a few improvements.

  • Random display order
  • Easy rearrangement of slides
  • Auto resize: just add a size to the slides and images are auto resized

This would be fab and would make working with the carousel a lot easier.


I will love also placing text, columns or images over slides and alternative sliding effects

Where carousels are concerned, I’ll throw in my 2 cents worth here… I’d like to see:

  1. The ability to utilize LAYERS. In this way, I could say, have a logo image that remains stationary as the carousel slides behind… (we’d need access to z-index controls). Perhaps the easiest way to solve this is to provide us the option of simply positioning a bloc OVER the carousel area and giving it a greater z-index. Here’s a website I’ve just completed which shows elements “floating” in front of the carousel. I had to export the Blocs project, then edit the html and css code in a text editor to accomplish this.

  1. Greater ability to divide up the carousel area the way I want with various areas (rows/brics). As an example, I might divide the carousel bloc to have one main horizontal header area above and maybe 3 columns below, each displaying its own unique content and layout.

  2. The ability to only have ONE PHOTO, but still maintain the ability to incorporate text. Again, I have done this on the same project I’ve mentioned. See this page as an example:

  1. The ability to incorporate images as well as text overlays as shown here and control their position and behavior independently.

  1. Finally, I’d just like more OPTIONS in how the carousel images behave. Perhaps more special effects similar to the hurlburthp website link above.

Blocs is still in its infancy and I’m excited about its future. Hopefully, they’ll continue to take this community’s suggestions and concerns to heart and respond with solutions.

Warm Regards, Randy