Carousel showing multiple images

I had an image carousel in a WordPress site, that showed a sliding group of three images, from a set of 20 or so. What is the best way to do this in Blocs? I have the basic carousel working ok but showing only one image at a time.

I have searched and only found someone else asking something similar. Is there a way?

What you had was a slider, rather than a carousel. If you want a similar effect using the standard carousel. create your slides in an image editing app by placing three images in a row within a single slide. Alternatively, you will have to add in a slider widget - not sure if there is one in the Blocs store, but you could take a look. Here is an example slide placed in a carousel bric:

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Yeah, thanks. There are some available in the store at around €15; possibly more than we need.


Hi @LeeHamm

You can implement your own. It is not overly complicated.

A couple of options (I have used Swiper.js a number of times).



Many thanks! I will check these out.

I am building a site at the moment using Splide. I think it’s my new favourite. Very very easy to use.

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