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Hi all,

I am looking for a basic slider type of scroll - where I can add images, style them and also add text underneath the image, or inside it with some opacity, I did start to play with the Owl carousel in Bootstrap and just got messy for me!

The one that caught my eye and would be perfect if this was a bric ! haha - is the one @PeteSharp has on his brics website in the custom bric section - this is really tidy and looking at it, gives total control over styling etc.

I would like to be able to add background to it as the images need to look like they are sliding over a race track or something like that!

I have also seen Owl carousel bric - has anyone done much with this bric - and is it working well in Bloc 4? and is it able to be fully styled as in adding shadow and corners to each image? thanks all.

Have you looked at the new @Lucas Infinite Slider Bric? It looks like it might work for what you’re looking for.

Here’s a demo link:


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HI @casey1823 - thanks for posting.

Looks good ! but I am wondering if this can be static too (I guess, drop the speed to zero) and be able to swipe left and right?

I forget to mention, I need the images to be able to add a LINK to another page or from the text below.

@lucas if you can let me know on the above - that will be great.

Owl Carousel is very old now, in fact the Owl 2 carousel project hasn’t been updated in years. (was a shame, as I loved building carousels with this project).

They now recommend Tiny Slider to replace it.

I use swiped.js these days, it’s the base of the Swiper bric and I think the Cards bric uses it too.

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Thanks - I’ll look at all mentioned and linke when I jump on my Mac later…

Does not lead anywhere

Link works for me

Sorry, I should have been more clear Buy leads nowhere.

Sorry, I should have been more clear Buy leads nowhere.

Hi @KBConcepts

Yeah I think this bric didn’t really spend much time on sale. I am sure with some searching online you can find something that fits.


FAB - just saw the update from @Lucas on a post, look forward to seeing this in action.
Hope it will have loads of options on a tick box on the side ! :wink: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck

Options and a video are all listed here:

I highly recommend this Bric it is so easy to use. You can see the results of a website that I built for a friend. I’m not even a web designer / developer like most of you are and I was able to get this to work. :slight_smile: