Carousel with Text using Custom Class

Using Blocs 3.06 I’ve made a carousel with a dozen images. Each image has an H1 using a custom class overlay. Each carousel has its own breakpoint. The problem is when I open the custom class for the first breakpoint no changes are made to the other H1 custom class breakpoints.
Is there a workaround so I do not have to go to each H1 overlay and apply a custom class to each? Man, that would be too much work… that’s 36 changes. I should be able to apply the custom class to all H1 text elements.

I’ve had a rather chaotic two weeks and just looking at this now. I understand Blocs can occasionally be tricky at inheriting settings; not just in normal, hover and active, but also at breakpoints.

I haven’t had time to try this specific scenario, though as a general rule I find it can be more efficient and reliable setting the smallest mobile size first and then the others are more likely to follow without needing to be set individually. The same thing works with text alignment I find.

You have to add the H1 text and cusom class over each image. Once you have them over each image you can refine the text size on all four breakpoints. It will then control all the H1 text in the carousel. This is a really good example for using the new copy and paste class once you insert the H1 text.


Thanks Casey that’s is what I have done, but does not work. Maybe a glitch, I’m not sure. This is why I made the post.

Hey Flashman,
I understand how busy things can get, so I appreciate anyone taking the time to help.
You can see from the post below I have done what was suggested, but it does not work.

Not sure what you did. I did a test before posting and put three images h1 text and created a class. Then went and adjusted the class on all 4 breakpoints and it worked fine?


I wonder if its because I have over a dozen?

Try just creating a new one with a few images. Not sure why it wouldn’t work with more?


I’ll put it through the test.