Hi, @Norm

What chance is there that in the future you can add a new carousel with this style?

with the current carousel I can not put pictures inside that same carousel, at least I have not found the form, it would be interesting if it could be done in the future, and be able to take advantage of the carousel, and be able to see in the windows the images that are positioned inside the carousel…

This is just an idea! As a designer, I would like to see if it is possible.

It’s already possible. You see four images, I see one image with four plates…

Inside a carousel? I have tried to put images inside the first slide of the carousel and I have not succeeded, I can not imagine placing 4 images on the first slide!

or am I missing something?

If you have a carousel that displays only one image at a time, but you want that carousel to display four images at a time, make one image that is comprised of four smaller images. Then you have a carousel that shows four pictures at once.

Maybe I am missing something.

that would not be like a normal carousel, I mean in the future to be able to make a carousel with that type of accommodation, for a better visualization of design and composition.

imagine that you have that kind of carousel, or that allows you to use that type of slider and you can see those thumbnails in windows when you click! it would be good.

I’m not a programmer, it would be a good choice of gallery with a carrousel style

Indeed. I’m just a pragmatist.

On reflection, why bother with a carousel if you want a thumbnail gallery?

It would be interesting to manage a gallery in the form of a carousel, if I section it into a category!

You could put 3 buttons on each slider with the same sections, and having a gallery in that format with carousel style would help a lot, do not you think?

I’m not a fan of these ideas. A carousel is best used for a single hero image, not as a revolving mini-gallery, I think.

We have different ideas about it, I guess. I like to keep things simple and to have a clear focus and I think the carousel complication goes against that idea.

No harm in asking for it. Have you ever seen such a carousel?

it may not be a carousel, but if such an agaleria could be!