Carroussel / Vids (+...)

Vids in Caroussel…
It would be an important added value for modern headers.

Detail : also that Carroussel is the only way to get properly a 100% fullscreen vid - I anticipate eventual feed-back : no, a vid in bg isn’t properly 100% width & Height in proper full-screen header.

And Caroussel with stunning modern animations for images as texts (eg : letters by letters…) ; as plenty of WP plugin ; cmon Cazoobi we are in 2023^^.

And pleeez, also .mov (so much more net for light motions - good point also with alpha, as less to do…).

…From my own pov, Blocs is fantastic, but it has a lack for modern and next-gen webdesign that will integrate more and more vids more “motion design” as animations. (did you see what some IA do in 3D for amazing headers animations ?).

It is a MUST HAVE with coming IA website generation (already there as with IONOS as eg in fact) with very good result for basic “corporate” websites (main point/target for Blocs), and so much more competitive (noob can create their own site in 5min !). Their use will be exponential, inevitably.

Those coming IA solutions will push webdesigners to have to propose an added value (if not they’ll be OFF) ; and then Blocs have its word to say with many features in this extent to be added.

Blocs must add stunning design Fx animations, completely in many ways, why not also 3D modules, etc.
If not… designers as me will be obligated to look about others solutions.
If yes, Blocs then can get a great reputation for “%” stunning/easy websites and pull new clients.

Off course I exagerate somehow, just talking, in isn’t yet but “tomorrow”, anticipating (corporate, of course not blogs or shop site…).
I have a lot of (very good :grin:) ideas in this direction, if it interests I’m not far away :raised_hand:

Ed :
Eg (to illustrate my purpose), succinctly :

  • Some knobs for css transition, animations, perspective images, etc etc etc.
  • Knobs for customising shadows (with others css parameters as the containers on my site),
  • 10 ways to open popups (with fx ?)
  • a menu so we can choose mouse way of hover fx (+ knobs value) or more largely with mouse position in div or bric or bloc or page…
  • Real 3d with moving object relative to mouse position (turning, scale etc obj)
  • A menu for choosing background animation (change color, fading, rotation, etc) with Knob value (speed, amount…), for all divs possible…
  • Etc.

Would be AWESOME.

Or creating an open for devs API in this extent or something like that (css, js, 3d GL…)… ?

IA won’t be able to do this, and noobs would be able to make great and fun (and having fun !) with Blocs (the only one non-coder solution to propose this in wyswyg…)

All creatives would then know and LOVE Blocs (and then others know… and love…), that would then become a game changer and leading solution as the best one for stunning next-gen “dynamic” websites for non-coders.

( Nothing to do : with Hide | Padlock | Unexport icones on each layers (bloc, bric, containers…) as photoshop… )

Eg of 3D module…
Tomorrow all noob will get their 3D obj stupidly with promps IA, suppose in onclick with Blocs :
===> Buy Royalty Free 3D models - Sketchfab Store

Advertisers (can of soda), teenagers (fan of Pikachu or Zelda for their personnal website…), Lawyer (nice and serious lawyer’s hat…), cooker at client home (spoon…) etc. in 5 min.

Seems I‘m rather old fashioned when it comes to Webdesign.

So do I ; in fact it is changing so fast nowadays especially with IA that shake/subvert 2D/3D/Vids as coding (some amazing demo on yt omfg)… then webdesign off course.
I was finishing my site, and now we have in France profusion of IONOS IA website in 5min on tv :melting_face: And it is only the beginning…
But it can’t replace us in term of creation/expression/visualID with consistency… (then a solution that pulls up all of this would - from my pov - not only survive but be a king - ; and adding css parameters for non coders isn’t so much to do i suppose…).

Eg of 3D mouse position I told upper :

Click on the play triangle button :flushed: : Spline - 3D Text - Blue
(Future of 3D Full screen…beginning here)

You can add spline to Blocs. It’s been discussed on the forum before, you will also see examples of implementing it, this goes back to the early days of spline.

Just like a lot of other things.

Yes shure, everything is possible with coding, my purpose was for Blocs users (big part are non coders, as for creative from 2d/3d/motion…) ; btw I’ll may try something with spline in place of my fixe space bg…

Even 2D pics to 2.5D :

I like the idea of having all these third-party developments fully built into Blocs. Let’s add October CMS and a full-fledged GSAP to the list as well! I do expect Blocs to be updated the same day as the third-party developer updates his software. Oh, and all should be fully controllable with speech and tickboxes :white_check_mark:. Obviously, the price of Blocs should not change. :grin:

Joke aside, but with a little bit of effort you can use all of these fancy animations/solutions inside Blocs. If you don’t want to go the extra mile that’s not the fault of the software…

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Hi Jerry,

If you think visual communication is “fancy”, my faith…

Hav a look of this header : Fancy ?

Pesonnaly Blocs has much more to do in this weay than a CMS with Wordpress for free, installed now in one click with IONOS, plenty of… such stunning fancy plugins.
Even later with a clever dev who’ll soon create a IA CMS done in one shot (when IA cannot create mor combine 2d and 3d, to BE imported, well placed and cleverly and consistently, thought as well placed, etc.).

“Go the extra mile”

  1. Isn’t what I made to a short extent with my site ?
  2. I presented everything considering main part of Blocs clients non-coders, AND a huge massive prospective pool with all non coders who’ll want to create in “one click” their site, not you and your skills, not me with mine.
  3. All businesses making that you earn time winn ; certly not apps where you have to learn coding and specs, but apps that precisely avoid it (the backbone of Blocs, the force of the war with Wysiwyg ; how can you present the contrary ?! :flushed:)
  4. Especially with IA radically game changer in all ways an extent in webdesign (not adapting with is coming to be over)

Why do i feel a defensive reflex ? I constructively and positively propose (from my humble pov, even if i’m not humbly affirming I’m right :grin:).

You have your dev subjective pov as seller solution,
I have my creative webdesigner pov as client.

Blocs should take thi direction, at least somehow (not so much to do with at least some css fx creating a big gap in creation potential) rather than CMS, I’d love to be wrong in years.

Also, with the iPad app as Blocs years ago, Norm seem to appreciate innovating ; and what I talk about is finally same principal with his starting point with blocs and brics… but with fantastics gorgeous stunning “fx brics” (BricsFx could be nice name…), for nextgen webdesign as with Lego (that was my point in fact).

Btw I add anoter Wish, because nope about you said : a bric for embed (only for hype existing), customisable off course (widt/height…).
Can’t try integrating 3D spline for test in one shot, as in bloc bg…
Copy (img) > add BricFx > Paste and that’s it…

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Nice 3D scroll fx :
Well ok this is more in depth :grin:, just to share and illustrate a little…
(would have done them pink or purple, more fresh)

Well I’m off with this, can’t present better… @+

…Don’t know programming but it may be pertinent : BricFx coded as optimised for all kind of external module, something somehow opened, why not also linked to an API for creative devs for selling to market (I’d be first to buy great sliders, css styling with knobs etc.)…

Ok it works perfect with Code Widget yeayyyy
(increasing blue “bric” height}

… And also Code widget in Carousel, btw the possibility to have fulls screen header rotation with rich medias (3d, vid, pic), such a bric would be great.