Hey, I would like to create a carrousel with my customer’s logo but Blocs only allows text and one image by slide… Have you got tips or tricks to make this possible ?


Hi @Sonia

Do you mean like having your client’s logo as a watermark on each slide ?



No, I mean having 3 or 4 client’s logo on each slide.

Tanks for your response

Hi @Sonia

You can use this tool online to combine the logos into on new created image.

You might first only combine two images but then with the newly created one you can recombine again.

Good luck - bonne chance.


Thanks @MDS but I’m afraid that this is not what I’d like…

I would like one slide with 3 or 4 independents logos with Lightbox on each one.


Hi @Sonia

I am sorry I actually don’t see how this could be achieved. Maybe someone else has an idea ?

You could however have a bloc with 3 columns and each have a carousel - however I don’t see how you can have 3-4 images on the same slide and get a light box per image.


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Hi @Sonia

Create a transparent PNG image with the size you want to have for your carousel, and add it as a slide. (as many times as you want)

Then place the 4x (or 3x) column bric inside the caption area of each slide.

Then, add your logo image files and if you want link them using interactions menu in the sidebar. Make sure to do that outside of carousel bric, because it’s very difficult to do when logos are already inside carousel. After that, just drag each logo into each of 4 or 3 columns you will have inside the column row bric in caption area.



Hi @Eldar, thanks for your help.

I have created the carousel with a transparent PNG image and place the 4x column bric inside the caption area but I can’t add my logo image file inside the empty container… 01


Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. Add a new bloc next this this one. Then add logos to that bloc first, change the interaction setting, and only then drag the logos inside these empty placeholders inside carousels.

@Eldar Thanks a lot for your help ! It works perfectly !