Catalina and Blocs

Hello @Norm, please check this topic.

Please, to anyone is using Catalina, can you check if you have the same problem as I?

When the Blocs App opens it starts with the zoom at 100% and everything is ok, change it to 90% the working area starts to moving down and left, but when try to change to 70% (the percentage that I’m working in my MBP) the working area appears in the bottom of the page and the content is hidden and cant move it.

Can you please check?

Many thanks in advance.




And as you can see there are content hidden behind the Layer Tree, so I hide the Layer tree:

And when I enable the Layer tree again, the working area moves a little to the right and the contents are showed, but I can’t see the buttom of the page as the working area is of the screen:

Can someone try and see if that happens to you as well?
Please @Norm have a look to it.

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Looks like the window coordinate system is off. I’ll start prepping Blocs for 10.15 in August/September. Thanks for the heads up.

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