CDN Service or Local for Videos?

Does anyone make use of this service?

  • images are automatically optimized to the relevant format as per the user’s viewport size;
  • images can be delivered in next-generation formats such as AVIF and WebP…

Good article

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Hi @KBConcepts

Up to this day I have yet to find a case where I needed a CDN. This really is only useful with sites that have a customer base/visitor base that is truly global (and thus not bound to one specific region, such as the EU or the US or …). I’ll much rather optimize for optimal use of browser caching (e.g. cache control headers and such) to get the best possible results.

The image optimization service I wouldn’t personally consider a selling point, as these kind of automated image processing systems tend to be less effective than doing it yourself within Photoshop, Pixelmater, Affinitiy Photo, …

That’s my 2 cents :wink:


Based on personal experience, having used Cloudflare for several years I would have to agree with @brechtryckaert


I’ve never managed to get the webp processing in Cloudflare working well/efficiently and now just turn it off.


One year anniversary of asking the same question @KBConcepts :partying_face: :laughing:

As mentioned above, I would also add the cost / benefit of these services are not applicable to most websites. Unless you have really high traffic and global reach. In which case you’re probably not building a website in Blocs to be fair.


Time changes, so there is nothing wrong with asking

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I would like to find out if anyone uses CDN for delivering video content.
When an optimized video is, say 500mb, what is the best practice to do that?