Center Text in Footer

Hello… I don’t know the problem … I use a Structure with 3 Rows. In desktop and Tablet view is everything okay. Also in mobil view … inside blocs. When I previewed in browser the text is not center, but I use the right option …see screenshot … Any ideas ?? Thanks Tom

Browser view

Blocs view



No idea!? :thinking:

Do you have an url of this site? Otherwise it is very hard to say why this is happening

Thanks for your answer. The page is not online. I delete a row, so I only use two rows in the footer. Than it works …not with three …but with to rows. Strange :slight_smile:

Yes, that is very strange

Why not duplicate the offending folder with you website and delete all but the page in isolation that is the problem? Upload it here for others to have a look at. You can always just duplicate the whole site pull out everything but the page and content with the issue. :grinning: