Centered Paragraph That's Not "Too Wide" on Desktops

I want a single column of text to appear centered (though left-aligned) so that its not too wide on larger monitors, but would fill most of the screen on phones. The header for the text/paragraph needs to be centered (align center) over the paragraph.

I’m assuming I would use a single row Bric, with a header and paragraph elements. But is there a simple"default" way to do this without having to create a Custom Class for desktop, tablet, and phone? And if I need to use Custom Class, would it be better to use margins or padding?

Just use one the predefined blocs that have a smaller text area. There are several to choose from. It’s still best to use classes so you can tune the text to the different size screens.

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Oh my gosh, that’s perfect … I missed seeing those blocs (way off to the right in the selections). Thanks very much.

Is there a summary somewhere for all of the different blocs and brics; a guide to what they are and typical applications for each? That would be very useful, but I can’t find such a guide.


Not that I know of, my suggestion would be to take a little time and go through all the predefined layouts. There are many different styles and layouts. It will help you remember there are choices.


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Good idea … I’ll do that. Thanks again.