Change appearance of Lightbox close button

How can I change the color of the close button (little cross in the upper right corner) of the lightbox?

@Bootsie, simply add a class called: close-lightbox , in the class manager change the color of the font ( the X is a font so change the fontsize also make the X bigger or smaller)
you also can change the Hover color like this.

Thank you Sandy.
Yes, it works, but only visible on tablet and mobile.
Can’t see it on desktop mode.

Great!!! but… there is no X in desktop mode :slight_smile:

But should be …

Mmm… yes why not
@Norm is there a reason why there is no closing X in desktop view of the lightbox?

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I can’t remember off the top of my head but it may be because on desktop you can just click anywhere outside a modal to close it, this isn’t the case on mobile due to lack of space. Should be pretty trivial to enable, I’ll take a look.

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You can click anywhere. But that cross makes it understandable for everyone. :wink:


Agree @Bootsie


Hi Norm, I had a look at it, but I can’t figure it out. I really need the CLOSE X for desktop on modals. Any insight?

There is a close x on the desktop version if you use the full screen image choice. It will display the image with a black background and a white x in the upper righthand corner.


Thanks Casey, that will get me out trouble. :fearful:

Would still like to see if theres a way to have the X on the other frame options as full screen may not always be the best choice.

As a note for others the “Full Screen” option is only available in BLOCS 2.4


Here’s a quick fix (that will be overwritten at each export)
Export your site, open the “style.css” in Brackets, Atom or even Apple Text Editor.
Search for “.close-lightbox” and change the line “display: none” to “display: default” and save.

Now you’ll have the close button in desktop view as well.

Cheers / Johny

But as you mentioned it will be overwritten at each export.
It should be possible in Blocs.
Don’t you think?

Not personally, i’m fine with it as is but, you can probably put in a request for it.
This was a quick fix that “can” be used before uploading your site online.

I already did months ago.
Well …

Well that’s mighty kind of you to share that tip, will try it out - Thanks!

And … ?
Would be great.

Sorry yes, I’ll take a look.


Seams not to be implemented in build 8.