Change Tour Dates?

I have a little Problem. I make a Website for a Band and they want to change the tour dates every few weeks. Are there any Plugins or something like this ?
For example with an iFrame. Do anyone know a tool for this problem ? I dont think they need any CMS, they only want to change tour dates :thinking:

Hi Tom,
I did this for a smal dutch band: I made a page with the (free) Cushy CMS, so they can update and arrange the tour dates themselves:

Hello @tom2 I ear a lot talking in CMS and everything but I prefer to have full control of my websites, so I use a solution with XML files.
So in other words, I have a normal page but then you have the page getting information from a XML file that you can have in a folder that you give access to your costumer by ftp.
Everyone knows how to work in excel, so just give them a XML file already filled with some concerts information.
I create an example for you. In this example you can see 2 concerts with arrows, but you can have the data in a table or whatever you want.
Try and Let me know if it works for you and I will create a snippet in my site explaining how.


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Hi Pealco,
I would be interested in this, too!

Hello I’m just finishing the Modals options, and after that I will create the instructions for that.
Please be patient, I will do it today.

Hi Pealco, that looks absolutely great!!!

Hello @Mattheus @wolfganghofer thank you…

There is as I promised:

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Hi @Pealco
thanks a lot. Really cool!!! Good Idea … But is there a way to style it a little bit ? For example is it possible to have 5 Concerts at once , and then click the next button and you see the next 5 events … and so on :blush:

You have to create more items in each “event” and then you have the 5 events.

So the XML could be something like:

    <EV1PLACE>Place 1</EV1PLACE>
    <EV2PLACE>Place 1</EV2PLACE>
    <EV3PLACE>Place 1</EV3PLACE>
    --------- until EV5  ----------
  ----------- THEN YOU REPEAT THE NEXT FIVE EVENTS --------------

After this you only need to go to your script (html bric) and call all the EV1 EV2 EV3 EV4 EV5 events in each list.

Or you can present your events in a table format, check the source page in my website.

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