Change website's language according to location automatically... can?

Question of the day! (if it’s not already questioned) :slight_smile:

Let’s say I am doing a web with 3 languages, Italian, Japanese, English.
Can Blocs by itself without any line of coding (for not coders) “link” the language of your pages to the location you open the website… sorry little confusing…
I’m in Japan and I have the Japanese site so it opens in Japanese… etc…

If needs coding… how much? how difficult? etc…


hello? anyone? thanks! :relaxed:

I don’t think this is possible without external server based code that would probably rely on some kind of IP geolocation. @JDW may be able to help you in this regard with a Japanese website.

I’ve built dual language (English & Japanese) company websites since 1999. I live in Japan. What I do is force the main URL to the Japanese page because the company is Japanese based in Japan, but that top page will ALWAYS have clickable links to other languages. I personally hate auto-language selection because it often forces a language on me that I don’t want only because I’m located in a non-English speaking country, failing to see that my OS UI is in English and that I want everything to be in English. That’s why I think my approach is sound. And it doesn’t require any special coding either.

Here’s the top page of my Blocs-built website:

Note how easy it is to spot “ENGLISH” on a desktop computer. You do have to click the hamburger menu to find it on an iPhone, however.

The main downside to that Blocs-built website is that clicking the ENGLISH link on any page in that site always takes you to the TOP PAGE in English. In my other site built in SoftPress Freeway, I have individual links setup to make it more intuitive. Consider the following individual product page:


Note that it doesn’t foolishly take you to the TOP page, thereby forcing you to search for the page you were just on. It immediately switches you to the English page. I think it’s rather brilliant and wish this were easier to accomplish in Blocs.

–James W.

Thanks @JDW yes I did this before with other website, create the language selection. I was hoping that Blocs could do an automatic “language change” according to location. But hey! we’ll see! fingers crossed! :relaxed:

I’ve learned that crossed fingers alone don’t get new features implemented. I would suggest you post the feature in the Wish List forum, and I will click Like on it and support you with that. Even then it’s tough to get new features added. It takes a lot of Likes.

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thanks! :grinning:

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