Changelog for blocs 5 and Qs

Still on Blocs 3.x as I got tired of the yearly ‘upgrade’ while Blocs added features nice for people caring about Wordpress but rarely added anything I wanted such as ability to sanely manage 100+ file websites.

Good to see publishing is finally built-in, but:

  1. Are there changelogs somewhere for blocs 4 and 5 somewhere so I look at ‘how much of this do I actually care about and see if any of my specific nits have been addressed?’

  2. Anything happen allowing sane mgmt of multi-page sites short of upselling a CMS I still don’t particularly want? :slight_smile: (still general interest in Volt, but this isn’t my paid gig so every paid add-on, upgrade, etc. is looked at more carefully).

  3. Upgrade discounts are ONLY for upgrade from 4.x? There is no discount from prior Blocs versions? (3.x)


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Update list for Blocs 5: Blocs Website Builder - Release Notes

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Hey @rtp good to see you back :wave:.

  1. The change logs (Blocs 4 | Blocs 5) typically only cover the improvements added after launch. The majority of new features are covered in our marketing page during the 2 year release of that version. You can find the current new features in Blocs 5 in this section of the Mac home page.

  2. Nothing significant, however, there are various improvements, some of which I’m sure will contribute to a better workflow when building multi-language sites.

  3. Correct, we only offer discounts from the previous version of Blocs.