Changing the width on hamburger container

Hello! I was wandering if I could change the width on the hamburger container as Im using it on the desktop version and will like to have it a bit more slimmer!

Also is it possible to change the colour for the hamburger icon?

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

Check the forum @Stewie_Griffin,

Regarding the colour change on the hamburger, in Bootstrap 4 it changed from the way it works in BS3. I know I have posted the code previous, as have others. So make sure it’s a more recent thread.

I did but I find only for bootstrap 4!

Are you using Blocs 2?

No, blocs 3 but I couldnt find it cause i did know what to write haha. All good now found your post! Thanks :slight_smile: just having problem now with the caption area on the Carousel.