ChatPosh is Here! 🎉

:tada: Unveiling ChatPosh: Turn Forms into Fashionable Chats!

Are you tired of static, lifeless forms that just sit on your website, doing nothing more than collecting dust and maybe an occasional email? Transform your digital experience with ChatPosh—the groundbreaking Bric that turns any mundane form on your website into vibrant WhatsApp conversations.

:dart: The Game-Changer: Turns any form on your website into a WhatsApp message

:bulb: What Sets ChatPosh Apart?

Immediate Gratification:
No more waiting! Engage clients in real-time, and watch your customer satisfaction ratings soar.

Freedom to Roam:
Unchain yourself from your desk. With ChatPosh, your business goes wherever you go.

Unlock Sales:
Every inquiry becomes a hot lead that you can convert instantly. Stop leaving money on the table!

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Upgrade your communication, upgrade your business. ChatPosh is the future, today.

See ChatPosh in action:

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Oh I like that!

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I began utilizing this little, handy tool approximately a year ago, and I believe I mentioned it in a discussion somewhere on this forum. Typically, I provide website visitors with two communication options to choose from: either WhatsApp or Email. However, the latter is seldom chosen by clients. Once you start using this tool, you’ll find it hard to revert back.

Great bric Jerry!!! Very helpful!

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What a brilliant development this is I could clearly see how those who need such an application could really work on their websites.

For me personally I don’t see how it would be useful to me since I don’t have interaction with customers, prospects or clients, since I’m not in the place where I would need something like this because I have no interactions with customers/clients maybe I’m not correct here perhaps I need to see a more explainable with audio video. :smile:
I am going to purchased it anyway since I feel the need to support you. I am amazed at how low a cost you have on the brics you put together for us.

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Thanks for your support @Mattheus ! :pray:

With pleasure @KBConcepts. You can purchase it anytime, the store is open 24/7 :smiley:

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For me (and only for me), I find this ChatPosh very interesting, but I’m not thinking of replacing my instant messaging ( with it for these 2 reasons:

  • my instant messenger sends me a notification on my iPhone as soon as a user is on my site and this allows me to get in touch with this person, if I want to.
  • my instant messaging allows me to see in real time the pages of my site visited by the user. This allows me to have a precise dialogue with the visitor, if I so wish.

But maybe ChatPosh will make that possible soon…
In any case, very nice work…
Thank you very much.

The problem with this is the button which sits in your way, especially on mobile devices.

This has nothing to do with sending a WhatsApp message. It’s a different tool for different uses.

No, ChatPosh does not monitor your visitor’s behaviours on your website. Instead, it provides your visitors with a user-friendly tool that enables them to initiate a straightforward WhatsApp conversation with you. This allows you to have all their details at your fingertips, making it easier for you to respond to their inquiries. ChatPosh is intentionally designed to prioritize customer engagement, not user tracking.


Personally, I hate it if I go on a website and some pop up appears wanting to engage in conversation that I didn’t even request. I think Jerry’s solution sounds much better.


@Jerry here in Thailand and other Asian countires, we use the LINE messaging app.
Do you plan to add an option to connect ChatPosh with other services?

Hi @Jerry another brilliant app !!! one I will buy when a client requests this or if I put this forward for them , this is a great idea for when businesses want an instant message rather than waiting for an email.

Regarding this - so the message sends to the mobile…can the mobile user reply to this message via WhatsApp…if so, I am guessing this will go to the users mobile? so a mobile chat is now live?

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Very nice!


Adding Line shouldn’t be too complicated. It seems you’ll need to add a link instead of a phone number.
I’ll explore the possibilities without promises and an ETA.


The primary objective is to facilitate direct communication with your website visitors, rather than relying on the uncertain prospect of them reading emails. This ensures that you never miss an opportunity to gain a new client. :grin:

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