Choose various email recipients from the Form

The destination mail of the form is only one but if I wanted to create a choice of recipients it becomes more complicated.
Let me explain better with an example.

The company has many emails: administration, sales, info, personal, etc.
I would like to insert the data and then have one of these different emails selected (from a selection).

The alternative would be to make the recipient choose from a list and make the form relating to the choice appear but so it is really inconvenient !!!

Use semicolon separators by default.

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yes but so he sends at the same time to everyone and instead I would like the user to choose first to whom to send

I’m not sure Blocs form can do this. There are a couple of things you could do. Instead of having the choices in the form you could create email links to each of the departments (, Each department has its own form on it’s own page. Once you create one page with the contact form just duplicate the page and give it a different send to email.

You could also have a dropdown choice for each department in one form, it would go to one email address and each department would be identified from the form data received. Not perfect, but another choice.


Has there ever been any update on this information for sending to multiple addresses? I’m preparing a website for a startup company that doesn’t have a unified email address. Instead, the three directors each have their own address and I’m wondering how best to handle this via the contact form.

This is something that requires a degree of processing by the script itself. In the case of Blocs, the in-built form processor, although adequate for most needs, doesn’t have the more sophisticated abilities of a full-blown form processing script.

I’ve overcome these limitations by making HTML forms externally and then including them into Blocs via the HTML widget. This allows me to post the form to a script on my server that has the ability to process data in other ways. For example, selecting a department or individual from a drop-down list will send the form to a specific email address. The reason an external form is able to do this is that it can be made with the hidden or derived fields that are required to perform this type of processing. It maybe that hidden fields capability and submission to third-party scripts will become a feature of Blocs in the future, but for the time being, an externally created HTML form and a good self-hosted script, such as Tectite Formmail, will do this type of processing and more.