Clarification Required

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Blocs and I have just used the trail version of it.
It would be really helpful if someone can clarify few questions I have which will help me decide to buy the app.

  1. With Blocs will I be able to create Sign In and Sign up page (I am sure I will be able to design it). But I am more interested to know if the backend integration is also possible so that I will be able to collect user data?
  2. Will I be able to setup or integrate a payment gateway?
  3. Once I am done with the design will I be able to host it on any hosting platforms or web services?

I am not sure if these questions are addressed before, if it has already been addressed please share the link.

Thank you,

  1. To do this properly I would suggest integration with something like Sitelok. A simple sign up page could actually be achieved with a basic form that sends you an email if you are happy to work that way.

  2. You can you use all sorts of billing options like Fastspring, Ecwid, Gumroad, Paypal or a dozen others. The level of complication will largely depend on the choice of billing company.

  3. I think you can host a Blocs site pretty much anywhere. There are no particular requirements.

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@Flashman Thank you for clarifying and sharing probable solutions. This is helpful for me to make a decision.