Class Editor Normal Default Edit State Please!


While I’d still classify myself as a “newbie” to this wonderful tool, and one with big thumbs at that, I would LOVE for the Class Editor to default to “normal” each time it’s opened for use. I would gladly chose “hover” when need be - which is definitely not the majority of time in the site that I’m currently building. Too often I’m accidentally editing content or a function in hover, then wondering why the change isn’t taking, and wondering why rolling over the item makes it dance like really drunk relatives at my family reunion.

If that goes against the grain of how most use Blocs then I’ll buckle down and try and do better. Otherwise happy to send along “medicinal brownies” if this change can make it into ver 3.2.4.

Otherwise thanks for making such a remarkably cool app. I’m getting a site build that’s beyond my expectations while simultaneously digging into HTML, CSS and JS because Blocs make me curious and confident to do so.



I totally agree. Long time user and it use to be that way. I think it was much better when it defaulted to normal whenever you open the class manager.



I completely agree with this. Too often I end up editing hover instead of Normal.


Thanks for mentioning this.
I made some mistakes due those settings, know i am a bit more aware, but would also love to have the default setting “normal”.


Put my name down for this!


How many times have I set a background for “hover” accidently.




Me too.

Oh, and I agree with the default Normal edit state too.


Mee too, I already often accidentally designed the hover instead of the normal state. +1 for this.


Having just spent over 40 hours working in Blocs on this week I can attest to how much wasted time and energy this very simple fix would remedy. Undoing mistakes, deleting and remaking classes, and even correcting changes that then don’t get saved is such an unnecessary hurdle to enjoying an application thank I personally feel is the best on the market.

Update: if I had a donut for every time accidentally editing a hover state screwed up a project, I’d be diabetic by now. On the other hand @Norm I’d gladly ship you three dozen Voodoo Doughnuts to share with your team if this change can make it into the 3.3 b3 build.