Class Library Manager in Blocs 5

Hi there,

I am wondering if the Class Library Manager in Blocs 5 is available only within the Plus package and why it is not available in the regular Blocs 5 version as this was the case in Blocs 4.

Can someone confirm that this feature was pulled out from the regular Blocs 5 and it is only available for us if we pay more for the Plus package?

Thank you!

It’s not pulled. It’s still there

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Thank you for clarifying this! I was a little bit confused since the Blocs 5 price table shows differently.

I’ll check that.

It’s still there for me.

Also don’t confuse the Class Manager for the Class Library Manager, they are different :slight_smile:

As I said before in Blocs 4 regular I had access to both Class Manager and Class Library. Has it been changed in Blocs 5?

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No The Class Editor and Class Manager are features of Blocs Standard and always have been. The Class Library Manager has always been Blocs plus, this lets you use classes between projects.

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


Thank you, Norm! I understand it now and it has already been upgraded to Blocs 5.