Class Manager Has Me Totally Confused — HELP!

Let me first acknowledge that the problem is with me, not BLOCS 3.

I’m not a coder but have a (very) basic understanding of HTML. I’ve used Freeway Pro and Axure RP in the past, both of which have distinctly different interfaces for dealing with text.

While BLOCS is fantastic, the Using Blocs material suffers from a common problem with training material: it is written by those who know how to use it already. Having developed the first interactive college directory in the 1990s, I have deep experience with ‘Level 0’ training issues.

I would appreciate someone pointing out a set of instructions, videos, or training courses that is a step-by-step hand-holder. I’m attempting to put together a ‘simple’ website for a charitable nonprofit group. BLOCS 3 looked much easier for a ‘non-coder’ than it is turning out to be. I just need to get over a couple of its idiosyncrasies so I can get on with it.


@Eldar has devoted so much time putting together the best tutorials for Blocs users.
They are easy to understand and professionally produced. Check them out they can give you a clear understanding of what you need. To give just a tastes check out his YouTube channel. When you’re ready for learn more go here:


You can register to the free 8 video course covering basic features by Eldar Gezalov here:


  1. Introduction to Blocs 3
  2. Working with Blocs
  3. Working with Brics
  4. Visual Design Basics
  5. Freehand Controls
  6. Working with Classes
  7. Building a Website in Blocs 3
  8. Next Steps


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It is money well spend Jim when you buy the full package from @Eldar!!!

I totally agree I’ve been using them over and over again since I first got them.

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Thanks to all — I’ve signed up!