Classes beta 17 - still not able to select

… when typing first letters the list is shown.
but clicking on choosen class will not work.

Srange - if typing identic class name again it will work

What happens when you click? Does it just close the popover?

Drop menu shows all classe but when clicking on one nothing happens.

And in the meantime I opened old projects done in 2.3.2. and made changes in 2.4 - they work horribly after that.

So - great features in 2.4 (17) but obviously useless for elder projects.

Thanks God I have a clean version of my datas which are never saved in any version of 2.4.

But any work done with beta …2.4 betas and saved as that are useless. Even if you try backing up your work on 2.4 with 2.3. Simply nuts.
No trust should be given to the class manager in any version of 2.4.

Sorry to say, I tried here and there and everywhere - and ofcourse I will follow the blocs development.
For now i have offered two days checking and don´t regret, but with the view of former sites done with blocs quiet disapointint - FOR ME PERSONAL

Never heard of a stable 2.3.3 - was that project finished at that stage of 2.3.2 ?

yes, that’s the point of a beta, you should expect to get bugs. Your projects may get corrupt that’s why it’s noted on the download page to use project backups with betas.

Even when the issues are fixed, if you used older betas and saved projects in them then the class error are now written into the files.

If you use betas, use file backups and expect the unexpected. If that’s something you don’t like, just stick to the public release.

I do so - no worry.
Still disapointing as one try to intgrate the “great new features” and than recognizing to redo everthing on a certain step - isn´t it?

I don’t fully understand. Apart from not adding the classes, what else is the problem using a 2.3.2 project in 2.4? As long as you use a backup file with 2.4 that hasn’t been saved in another build, what errors do you get?

Are you trying to make changes in 2.4 and then open those projects up in 2.3 to edit more, because that will cause problems.

No no, It´s just that I have learned to not spend to much time setting up new things in beta.

In fact 2.3.1 is the most trusable to me. If I work on new sites with that and they will later be compatible I am fine. Just a pitty to not be able using the new features…

Have you tried creating a fresh project with 2.4? Are you always working on pre-made projects.

I remember you had double classes showing at one point too, it sounds like the classes are a little off in your project anyway. Double classes on items can be fixed by deleting the item and re-creating it and then re-adding the classes.

If I had access to one of the problematic files with notes on the problem areas I could most likely fix them up and also see exactly what’s happening.

Look Norm,
my Son broght me to get blocs know.
He spent major time to convince his father and did a lot of effort filling it with datas and ideas of setting it up.

A new project is always nice as to have it clean and sauber - UNTIL the next version.

But in this terms I stick to my own perception, having Loads of offers from India and CMS freaks all over.
From bluddy Joomla via Drupal and my favorite that time ModX.
Not a single Agency made it Convincing to my todays conclusion.

We do it ourselfe!

With blocs, pinegrow or the many windows options way…

So to answer your question:
I expect blocs coping with older projects, otherwise it´s completly useless for us.

I will start on one of our new sites as soon as you tell me a version is announced as stable.

For now I am personally with PG, but would love to continue as there is a lot of effort from my son with blocs, evan online … some pages are fiddled in.

Cheers Norm and good luck for all of us

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100% agree, but some projects can become corrupt even with stable builds as bugs get fixed but the damage can be left in the file i.e. Double classes on items. These can be fixed at my end, so the offer stands, if you need the files fixed email them over with some notes.

I will do within one of the next 14 days, currently very busy with orders and moving the office to a new place.
Thanks Norm!

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Awesome, that will be a huge help.

Did send you a Dropbox link right now.
This version is done with 2.3.1 and never saved with any version of 2.4

cool, did you include notes as to whats the problems you have with this project? What objects are problematic?

I mentioned the double class issue and sent it under Bug report.

The double classes appear when opening with 2.4 on various object - for example the pictures and some headings with icons.
Didn´t check every single entry but it happens quiet often.
I could imagine that is related to copy and paste as when a row or icon heading was designed we copied and worked further with new inputs, but I am not sure of course.

Antother thing that happens often while designing and fiddeling around i that a certain empty row can´t be deleted.

So far…

Hi Norm,
I just opened the 2.3. project with beta 19 - still the double classes are shown.
Did you find the time to have a look on the files sent?

It’s your projects not the app, I’m still working on your project files.

YTLYK… in beta 19 I was able (finaly to get rid of this empty row , not bad )

But the double class thing still doesn´t give me a confortable feeling.
Should I work with my old Project in 2.4 or am I cariying old bugs into it.
Quiet confused…